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help, leaving on VR in two days and they cant get my compensation right!

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bedraggledmumoftwo Wed 29-Jul-15 21:32:37

I posted previously, there was a bit of a debate about how to work out my reckonable service for VR from the civil service in relation to mat leave. Eventually got the quote and it seemed to correlate to counting smp time but not including the last thee months of each mat leave as service for vr(or pension, which is correct). I decided given the scheme rules have been laid before parliament etc that it wasn't worth arguing that the whole of my mat leaves should be included as if I hadn't taken them. However, I did go back to query how the sum had been calculated as I couldn't quite make it add up and the letter just had a number.

So it turns out that it was an error and it wasn't based on smp- my hr had listed the whole of my first mat as paid, and five months of the second (11 months) as unpaid. Swings and roundabouts really as it actually meant it was a bit more than I was due based on smp time only, but I decided to come clean and told them what it should be. Much to-ing and fro-ing, including me sending them an exact breakdown of my service, and copies of all my payslips for three years.
Today, I finally managed to get a revised quote out of them- it was £2k lower than it should be- they have corrected the error in my favour ( full recognition of first mat leave) and not corrected the second error where they understated the second- so now they have only included the first six months of each, and have cut a whole year off my actual service, including six months of smp. This despite my having spelled out that error and explained at length that I continued to receive smp until 39weeks.

So now here I am, two days before my employment is terminated, and I still don't have a valid offer to accept. My work said we had to commit to leave before receiving our quote but could renege if it was 15% out. So I committed to leave 3 months ago, have worked my three months notice period., have completed all internal termination stuff and actually left last week and on leave till Friday. So now I am worried about my legal standpoint. Essentially they have me over a barrel, I need to formally accept a quote before Friday, yet they take ten days to process any query. So if they don't pull their fingers out and finally get it right, then what the hell do I do? Sign the forms with a caveat that no, actually i dont actually agree to their number at all? I feel like they could say i just left if i haven't accepted an offer by then. But surely that is constructive dismissal. And or sex/ maternity discrimination since it is the maternity parts they cant get right. Not even right according to their own rules, which already dont really seem quite right under the Equality act?

Any advice , please?

bedraggledmumoftwo Thu 30-Jul-15 09:31:21


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