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Starting a new job, will be 14 wks....advise please

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ThumperPumper Wed 29-Jul-15 08:31:30

In three weeks I'm starting a new job. It's ideal, 5miles from home, matches my experience, so should be pretty easy etc. however after a drawn out recruitment process I've found out I'm pregnant!!

I'm struggling with morning sickness & I'm knackered. I also showing (it's my second pregnancy)....

Should I take the job? I cannot help thinking my new employer will be p*ssed I'm pregnant- taking
time off for hospital appointments, etc. plus I'll be tired etc...

Any advise would be fab....

Jenijena Wed 29-Jul-15 08:34:08

Yes, take the job (unless you lose amazing maternity benefits with your current job). I have interviewed successful folk for jobs at 7 months pregnant, partly as I suspect they will be with us for longer when they return.

Purpleball Wed 29-Jul-15 08:39:32

You won't be entitled to SMP from them, you'll have to claim maternity allowance

NotMrsTumble Wed 29-Jul-15 08:39:38

They can't withdraw the offer, and you have the same statutory protection and rights as an employee who becomes pregnant after starting a job. As far as I'm aware you'll need to claim maternity allowance rather than smp, as your employer will not be able to pay smp. If your new employer offers better than statutory maternity pay /leave you may not qualify for their enhanced benefits.
Your employer might be pi$$3d, but will have to suck it up! It sounds like an ideal job for you, and you will be the best fit for the role if it's been offered to you, so IMHO you should take it.

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