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tax credits - fluctuating hours

(2 Posts)
unclebumpkin Mon 27-Jul-15 21:06:08

Hi. I applied for working tax credits a few weeks back. I got the text to say they've got the form, but not heard more yet. Anyway my hours have varied from week to week have gone up of late to have been over 30 on average for the past month before I applied a fortnight or so ago, but this week I worked under 30 hours... but worked nearly 40 hours the week before... how does this all work with what you have to inform the tax credit people... I'm probably still at least at the moment basically working over 30 hours on average a week...

unclebumpkin Wed 29-Jul-15 20:17:33

I know you're supposed to inform them if you go under 30 hours a week, but what if you're most likely to do over 30 hours the week later and are more or less doing over the 30 hours... how does this all work? i think you're supposed to let them know within 30 days but i haven't yet even had my application fully processed yet.

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