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Help me word my negative appraisal to my boss please

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SlayZ Mon 27-Jul-15 13:42:06

Hello, I have an appraisal very soon. I have to complete general questions like what do you like/dislike about your job? What can you/your boss do to increase performance? Has this quarter been good/bad/satisfactory?

How do I nicely word...
I'm not happy because I've worked here longer than you and you think I know nothing. You roll your eyes when I talk but forget that I have more experience and know that you're wrong sometimes.

I'm not happy because you constantly think I'm not working properly but you're just not sure what I'm actually doing.

People talk like shit to each other here and the general demeanour of the place is miserable.

I want to tell them I'm unhappy for a few reasons but would love to get back to how it was.

Rather than them end it by saying I need to look for work elsewhere.


OllyBJolly Mon 27-Jul-15 14:13:13

You have to look at it differently. Whether you agree or not, your manager is your manager for a reason. You might think you know more; he/she (and others) might think otherwise.

What do you like/dislike about your job?
I believe I am good at xxx and my role is important to the company.
I sometimes feel my contribution and opinions are not valued. I fear that we are losing our positive working culture and people don't always treat each other with respect.

What can your boss do?
I would welcome a more formal communication structure where I can appraise my boss of my progress with certain projects, and gain proper, constructive feedback on performance. I would like any problems with my performance highlighted and articulated clearly, and given the opportunity to discuss and remedy any issues.

Has this quarter been...?
Put in some quantitative facts e.g. milestones achieved, performance stats, projects started etc.
On balance I'd say I'm less satisfied with my employment this quarter. I enjoy my job but feel the team spirit is lacking. (or whatever)

It's important to be constructive than just whinge about not being happy for non specific reasons.

SlayZ Mon 27-Jul-15 14:20:08

Thank you for your response. I can really work with that.

I agree, they are my manager for a reason and they are incredibly intelligent and well qualified. However, this is a bespoke industry which I have much more experience in. They started a few months back. I have had several occasions where I've had to go to other managers because my manager simply doesn't believe that I could be right. hmm

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