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How to play job interview -Sales reps please

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Sleepyheads123 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:38:31

I have a job interview tomorrow, it is for a field sales job in an industry where I am experienced, have sales experience but have not been field sales rep.

I feel I'm a strong candidate but obviously there may be stronger with regards to sales experience etc.

The office is a 45 minute commute from home and the position attracts a company vehicle, laptop, mobile phone etc. The hours are advertised as full time and it is a newly created position due to expansion.

What would be the 'normal' way of doing things for sales reps? Hours starting from home and straight out to meet customers? Working some hours from home or would you be expected to be in the office when not on the road?

Basically I would actually love to work slightly less than full time, or work from home so that the commute isn't there on top of working hours. Lunch breaks at home would be do much more useful than one near the office!

Also what sort of salary do
Sales reps tend to make? And how is any commission made up?

I want to go into the interview and dazzle them with my brilliance (!!) but want to get the best deal for me with regards to hours etc. If it seems that they would expect me in the office 9-5.30 at what point would I ask about working from home or a 4 day a week job? At interview? After offered the position? Email beforehand?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hoppinggreen Mon 27-Jul-15 15:53:28

I am self employed now but spent many years as a rep for a variety of large companies.
Generally I used to set off from home to my first client appointment and rarely went into the office - possibly once a week for a team meeting or similar but my most productive time was spent with clients. Obviously I needed to make my appointments so would build a couple of planning sessions in where I would be in the office or at home.
I was never judged on hours I put in but only on results and generally my managers didn't care what I did as long as I got results.

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