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Need some help ASAP

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WrappedInABlankie Fri 24-Jul-15 14:44:00

So my DP works part time as well as full time his part time boss has just informed him he wasn't entitled to paternity pay (he's only just checked however he meets all the qualifying factors listed on the website) and he now has to work 2 weeks unpaid to cover what he has paid him. He's only just finished working unpaid as he made him make the hours up from the Midwife/hospital appointment he came to including the two the government say he can have!

We had our baby 5 weeks ago so we've gone over the 28 days It says he has to tell him if he doesn't qualify as well.

What can we do?

Melonfool Fri 24-Jul-15 19:19:00

Write and raise a grievance stating breach of statutory duty to pay paternity pay and unlawful deduction from wages (for not paying for the second two weeks of work).

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