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What to put on CV if you have good experience but poor qualifications

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SwimWhizz Wed 22-Jul-15 12:20:02

DH has recently been made redundant and is updating his CV (yes, he will tailor it for each application, just trying to get the basics done!).

DH got decent O Levels (obviously this is a giveaway as to his age) but came from a working class family where no one went to university, so he left school and has effectively worked his way up.

However, job adverts for the job he has been doing for the last 10+ years (and even ones at the level below) always ask for a degree - which obviously DH doesn't have.

DH's CV has all his experience first in reverse chronological order. He then has a section where he lists his O Levels. I think he should take this section out as it detracts from his great experience and just highlights his lack of degree. DH thinks he ought to include the fact that does have 5+ O Levels at Grade A-C and worries that a future employer will wonder why he hasn't included an education section.

Is there a "right"/better way?

persianlady Wed 22-Jul-15 12:32:55

Hi, i do a fair amount of recruiting in HR - a lot of web sites to put a job on you have to select a educational standard even if you require it or not - so it may say degree level.Good employers will see that experience is equivalent if not more valuable than a qualification. That is unless you need a specific qualification e.g. to be a lawyer you obviously need a law degree. I wouldn't worry too much about it - just get the wide range of experience over on the CV. I normally put the number of O levels and A levels on my CV but not what they were for or the grades as irrelevant past being a entry level job hunter or graduate.
Hope that helps

MadMum2015 Wed 22-Jul-15 13:28:44

I would take the education section out entirely unless he has recent skills based training in which case he can list the O levels as part of a section headed Education & Training.

Also focus the majority of his career history on the last 10 years.

DragonMamma Wed 22-Jul-15 18:14:39

I work in HR and would take it out - I focus on work experience over these anyway.

Oh and you don't actually need a law degree to become a lawyer/solicitor...

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