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Employment/career change queries

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Mrsrichmond89 Tue 14-Jul-15 13:22:45


No idea if anyone can help. I am currently working for county council' was employed by nhs under agenda for change. Over 2 years service for NHS before we were taken over by county council.
I am looking to move locations and start a new career with a different nhs next year, however I don't know whether I can transfer my service to the new nhs. We are trying for baby and don't want to lose my maternity benefits.
So 2 main questions:
1. If I move will I be able to transfer my service

2. will this mean I can have the full maternity as I've been working over a year with NHS? Or does the year start again as its a new branch of NHS

Very long question please help anyone who knows...none of my employers can answer this question and don't want to risk leaving if I lose maternity and only get stat mat pay.


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