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Applying for a new job after sick leave

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FuckYouChrisAndThatHorse Tue 14-Jul-15 12:38:42

I'm posting for a friend. They had to take two months off sick at the beginning of the year. They're in a high level, stressful job, and their partner was hospitalised and ended up temporarily severely disabled. The stress of it all led to them having a bit of a breakdown, but having sought support, they're now much better. HR were brilliant during this time and work provided counselling etc.

On their return to work, their boss gave them a poor performance review, but said that it was entirely down to being off sick, and he was really happy with their work when there. Just felt that their absence had of course affected their work.

There's now an internal vacancy. Less stressful job at the same level, actually doing what my friend has done throughout their career (apart from in their current job).

Because its internal it means putting down their poor review score. They want to put an explanation (in all their work history to date they've been hardworking and excelled).

They've asked my advice on how best to phrase it, and I'm failing to come up with anything.

The facts are they were off work for two months due to a significant home-life event that is now past and this led to a poor performance review based on work completed during that time.

Any ideas?

Fluffyears Tue 14-Jul-15 18:17:08

Just be honest and assure them what the situation is now and what steps are in place to improve attendance x

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