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Balancing an employment choice ... how to do it.

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meoryou Tue 14-Jul-15 12:05:32


PT role - almost years' 24.5hpw; difficult work environment - band 5 (pretty much at top of scale) potential for promotion in the next 3-6 months - well the opportunities will be there, whether I will be considered for them is another thing! Now working under a new manager and the focus of the role is to improve according to snr mgt.

New role offered:
FT; 6mth contract with view to permanency through open competition; Band 6; unknown work environment; further commute, less annual leave; starting again?

Currently off sick with work stress - only came back in Jan after almost 9 months off. I have had major issues with stress, anxiety and depression for several years. Not caused solely by work, but also finances, marriage.

Work environment not great - lot of stress, bad manners, lack of professionalism, back-stabbing etc. However as an organisation they have been supportive during my time off (I suppose they have to be)
The frustrating thing is I am capable, reasonably intelligent and pretty good at my job however my confidence is in the doldrums. Has been for years.

Finances due to improve in next 6 months once childcare reduces dramatically. Two dc are changing from nursery to primary and primary to secondary if that has any bearing on things.

How on earth to I decide what to do? Pro's & con's? I don't know about following my instinct anymore sad cant tell if its anxiety.

meoryou Tue 14-Jul-15 12:34:23


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