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Have been lazy about keeping in touch

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Mouseymum Fri 10-Jul-15 09:37:26

I've been off work - mat leave and career break - for 18mo. I had a good mentor at work who I meant to keep in touch with, but just haven't - she changed emails, I was busy with baby...I would like to get back in touch but not quite sure how to, feel a bit daft, don't know what to say after so long! I won't have any contact with her when I'm working again as moving to a different organisation but there's always the possibility I may bump into her in the future...she's at a much higher grade than me.
Any advice on how to handle this apppreciated, thanks!

Redcliff Sun 12-Jul-15 22:33:41

I would just be honest. "Hi mentor, sorry I've been so slack at keeping in touch (new baby etc) but would love to know how you are? Perhaps we could meet for a coffee?" Something like that?

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