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Signed off work for anxiety

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lisa2104 Thu 09-Jul-15 18:22:54

I have been in my job 18 months. Nothing I do seems to be right and it's got to the point where my supervisor is now micro managing me and watching every thing I do demanding I do it exactly as she wants and demanding answers constantly. My other boss is her bezzy mate and while seeming to try and be impartial I feel like I must be completely incompetent. I suffer with anxiety which has reared its ugly head and the doctor signed me off for a week. Now I'm worried if I take it I will be fired or managed out even more.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 09-Jul-15 20:31:58

Use the time to apply for some other jobs.

I did the same, was signed off for two weeks and had landed a new job by the time my sick leave was up. Took a lot of stress off being able to go in and hand in my notice!

Sometimes things arent meant to be. It's not you- its just circumstance. Chalk it up to experience and move on.

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