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Great (?) opportunity?

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Hornydilemma Mon 06-Jul-15 16:48:41

I work in a large organisation - big group with lots of different companies under one umbrella organisation. My current job is a hybrid - about 2/3 people management, and 1/3 specialist advice and training, and I've been in it for about 6 years.

A new job has come up in another company within the group - a company I know very well, I've trained most of the people in it at some stage! Probably about 80% of the new role is specialist advice and training - the area of my current role that is my favourite (I have made one particular area of specialist advice my own in the organisation, and this would build on those skills, but not necessarily that area of expertise). So I would have to broaden my knowledge to take on this role (a positive).

There are definitely good opportunities in that area - it's quite close to the sales role in an advisory capacity.

I was all gung ho about going for it - but have just discovered that the package absolute max is slightly less than I currently earn. There wouldn't be any other benefits that would make up for this, and I would lose a couple of benefits worth about e7k to e10K p.a. - which I can't afford to lose (single parent with a mortgage, long commute (so rail/petrol costs), and college costs coming up).

Has anyone had the experience of negotiating a higher package than that on offer? Or have you taken a similar role on the understanding that there would be a pay rise in the future if successful - and did they offer that payrise?

I'm thinking of still going for it for the experience of interview etc - before interview, should I set out my stall re salary etc?

All thoughts very welcome!

Hornydilemma Mon 06-Jul-15 21:19:09

Bumping for the evening crowd...

EBearhug Mon 06-Jul-15 22:58:09

Interview practice is always useful.

How sure are you it's the absolute max? If it's really the absolute max, then there's no point.

If it's the max they'll say they offer, but actually, it's only 80% of the scale, then it's worth going for and if you're offered it, negotiate before accepting. You probably won't know for sure, unless you have contacts on the inside who might know. Obviously if they were to bring it up at interview, you need to be ready for that.

You need to know the absolute minimum you'd be prepared to leave for - which includes the benefits and start negotiating for more than that. Are there any other factors which would make a difference? Is the commute better or worse?

Hornydilemma Mon 06-Jul-15 23:37:56

Good points bearhug, not sure if it's the max. Commute a bit better. With no overtime I'd never be working a Saturday (except in an emergency!). Our co had v small bonuses & pay rises earlier this yr ( first since recession) - this co hasn't had any yet, don't know when they might restart. Hmm, think I'll have to look at it as practice!

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