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Help preparing for second round interview please

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NotSkinnyYet Tue 30-Jun-15 23:09:27

I went for an interview last week and have received an email today to let me know I got through to the second (and final) round.

The role is for a marketing executive in an agency that covers marketing/hr/health & safety. For this interview I have to prepare a no longer than 5 minute presentation on my suitability for the role and a written piece about me, which would fit it with their current people section on their website.

I've been trying to write bits and bobs down this evening and am pretty settled on the idea of going into the interview and just presenting to them with no props, as nothing about PowerPoint etc was mentioned in the email. My problem is that I'm not very good at talking myself up to be totally honest. I'm not flashy or boastful or anything like that, literally what you see is what you get. I've been looking at 60 second elevator pitches, as I feel as though I need to sell myself for this role, but so far I've not got a lot written down.

Have any of you done a presentation like this? Does anyone have any hints or tips please? Thank you in advance flowers

NotSkinnyYet Tue 30-Jun-15 23:11:01

Fit in* blush

Gfplux Thu 02-Jul-15 18:31:34

If they have said five minutes you should make sure your pitch lasts close to that time if a few seconds more.
That would be one test, can you carry out instructions. "Can this applicant do what is asked...yes"
Why not start with bullet points that you can flesh out to build the +5 minuteresentation.

lljkk Thu 02-Jul-15 19:52:22

Seems to me that remit is pretty loose.
Trick is to find something that you believe in and sell it.
So like... if they sell life ring buoys, then stand there and sell the merits of a life buoy to them, using all your natural charm. Your natural selling ability is what they want, and if you can stand there and make them think 'She makes That sound like a good product' then you have sold your abilities quite well.

An alternative would be to present a portfolio showing what you've done previously and really sell them on why the marketing you did previously was so good ... both sell it to them now as great approaches and bamboozle them with figures about how sales increased & your previous bosses were so happy.

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