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Increased responsibilities and negotiating a pay rise

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DevaDiva Mon 29-Jun-15 21:24:53

A little advice needed please, I will attempt to give as much detail without outing myself.

I'm on a fixed term contract in a role that I absolutely love. The General Manager recently left and going forward my role and responsibilities will be increased as they aren’t directly replacing the GM role.

I’m looking forward to an additional level of responsibility as I have worked at this level before, and this is possibly the best outcome as I wasn’t looking forward to an external candidate coming in and changing the equilibrium in the business. However there has been no mention of remuneration and I’ve only had a 10/15 min phone call with a Head Office manager (who I have a good working relationship with) about the changes to my role.

I'm confident that I have a good case to put forward but should I specify how much of an increase I am looking for from the outset or wait to see what (if anything) they offer?

Any advice or examples of what's worked for you would be great.

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