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On a zero hours contract are you still required to work a notice period?

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mayaknew Sat 27-Jun-15 10:57:07

I can't find DHs contract and his employer won't provide their copy for him to read so just wondering what the law says ?

dangerrabbit Sat 27-Jun-15 14:30:43

I'm not a lawyer so please take what I say with a pinch of salt but my understanding of zero hours contracts was that either side could end it whenever they liked?!

fleamadonna Sat 27-Jun-15 14:35:40

I'm a zero hours worker and I don't have to give notice.

but like dangerrabbit I'm not a lawyer. it must be a two way thing though. they don't guarantee him work for any period so why should he guarantee his services?

dangerrabbit Sat 27-Jun-15 19:27:46

I suppose my question would be, assuming he has a new job and that's why he needs to work his notice, has he already got his reference from the zero hours employer? And does he have the paperwork in place for new job? If so, I personally would just walk

SillyBlueHat Sat 27-Jun-15 19:33:17

I'm on a zero hours contract but have to give 2 months notice and am tied in for 2 years. If I leave earlier than this I have to pay back the cost of my training

mayaknew Sat 27-Jun-15 19:43:42

Yes he has a new job and they want him to start next Monday but he's unsure wether his current employer won't pay him if he leaves next week . I can't find his contract anywhere he is working all weekend then we are going on holiday on Monday for a week so he would need to use this weeks holiday for his notice . even though technically his holiday is unauthorised as they keep declining holiday forms <<this type of thing is why he has sought a new job hmm

fleamadonna Sun 28-Jun-15 00:58:46

well as it's zero hours they'll pay him for the hours he does and not those he doesn't.

they can't not pay out for hours worked. that would definitely be illegal.

they sound like arseholes. hope the new job is better.

LittleMissRayofHope Sun 28-Jun-15 01:11:45

Agree with fleamadonna there. They can't withhold monies related to hours worked just cos he quit without notice. What they can do is adjust holiday/sickness allowances accordingly.
I think legally (although also not a lawyer) is very little. They could refuse a reference. But they can not legally refuse to pay him

Anniemx Mon 29-Aug-16 09:44:46

I'm still completely baffled by notice periods and zero hours contracts.
I've given a weeks notice but they've come back to me saying they require a month's.
Surely they can't have it both ways, provide zero hours and require notice

prh47bridge Mon 29-Aug-16 16:43:30

They cannot stop you working for another employer. Any contractual clause that insists you only work for them is illegal.

They cannot force you to work. If your current employer offers you any work you can turn it down.

Even if they do require a month's notice it makes absolutely no difference to you. You don't have to work for them any more and you can start your new job (assuming you have one) immediately.

DiegeticMuch Tue 06-Sep-16 19:54:22

How did this work out OP?

Fwiw I think it's disgraceful that any zero hours employer insists on notice.

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