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Negotiating pay with current employer

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Tuskerfull Fri 26-Jun-15 17:30:43

Has anybody asked for a pay rise with a current employer when they have another job offer on the table? How did it go?

I currently earn around £33k total package. I have a job offer for £50k (doing exactly the same thing although the new company is much bigger). I would like to stay at my current job for several reasons, but the difference in salary would mean I have £1k extra in the bank each month. I can't just turn that down.

So I want to tell my current company about the offer and ask for a pay rise. I'm not expecting them to go to £50k - I do put a value on the things besides salary that make it such a good place to work, and the new company has a MUCH bigger turnover - but I would want them to perhaps meet me in the middle at £42k-ish.

Do I have a hope in hell? I know that they don't want to lose me. I was told that the directors were fretting in their meeting about me going away for a two week holiday!

Would be grateful to hear your experiences.

Ellypoo Mon 29-Jun-15 14:08:17

I guess I would just be honest with them - speak with your manager and say that you have been offered this position, and is there anything they can do - say that it's just too much more than your current salary/package for you to just ignore, and see what they come back with. Perhaps explain that, it isn't just the salary that you are basing your decision on (say that you enjoy it where you are etc, but that the money would be a huge help).
Congratulations and good luck!

vincentaroony Mon 29-Jun-15 19:08:41

Hi there, I'm in a similar position (about the same amount of cash involved too!). Interviewing for the new job this week, but since we are currently ttc, it's probably going to make more sense to stay in my current job.

If offered this new position, I will only go into a meeting with my manager and tell her about the offer on the table if I am happy to take the other job. This is because I think the answer to a pay rise could be a flat 'no' (company-wide pay freeze at the minute). If it was a no, I would leave for the 40-something % pay rise. Realistically, I think they would try to keep you. Recruiting someone new is very expensive and when you are doing a good job, hopefully they'll do what they can to keep you.

I think your chances of a pay rise sound good. Go for the full £50k in your current job if you can! Good luck!

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