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Stressed and Scared and don't know what to do.

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muchtooshy Sat 20-Jun-15 09:31:48

In a bit of a panic as have found out that my job is ending at the end of July. I can't afford not to work!

I just don't know what sort of job to look for. I mean really I need to do anything but do ideally want a job that I like.

School admin would be good but I don't know when those jobs tend to be advertised. So I am looking at admin in general but they all seem to want immediate starts which I can't really do. If I go for something like working in a shop or cleaning is it unfair to still be looking for a different job?

I just don't know what I am good at. After almost a year in my current job I feel utterly rubbish at everything, like a failure, and like I am not good enough for anything.

I loved admin (school hours would be amazing) but I don't know how competitive these are. Plus I am not sure if I could sell myself in an interview after having my confidence knocked by my current role ...... big case of face not fitting there.

bellathebluebell Sat 20-Jun-15 09:34:17

Why is your job ending? What happened?

If you like admin then go temping. It's a great way to testing out a job, seeing if your face fits and getting your foot in the door.

muchtooshy Sat 20-Jun-15 09:38:18

Job is ending at the end of July.

Basically it seems that I am being pushed out. I know that people always say it isn't them but in this case I think it is the case. I have tried so hard but nothing is good enough. Temp contract - always promised it would extend after probation. It has really knocked me as I have never had an issue getting on with people before and have never been bad at a job.

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