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insuring my hands for work?

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ParsleyCake Wed 17-Jun-15 16:15:11

I am training to be a dog groomer and have already spent a great deal of money on getting my qualifications. I have heard of people insuring their hands if they are in a career such as hairdressing, is this something I should do? Obviously if I damaged my hands in some kind of accident not only would my career be over but I would never make back all the money I spent on my training. Someone told me I shouldn't bother as I would get disability and if I spent money on private insurance I would not get disability money. Personally I would prefer to be 100% sure that I would be financially stable and pay for my hands to be insured, even though I am not well off and don't have a lot of money spare, but how do I go about this? I don't really know much about financial stuff like this

OllyBJolly Wed 17-Jun-15 17:29:14

You should speak to a specialist insurance firm. It's quite possible in dog grooming that you might get a bite or another kind of injury from a dog which would put you out of action (and therefore affect your earnings). There's also the possibility of developing a condition which affects your ability to work (I'm just getting over frozen shoulder - I couldn't even comb my own hair never mind groom the dog! Even a few days might result in a significant loss of income.

So it's not so much about insuring your hands, it's some form of insurance that protects your income from accidents at work.

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