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Tips for going to an interview with a huge baby bump!

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Athenaviolet Sun 14-Jun-15 14:27:09

I've got an interview coming up and really really want the job (currently unemployed).

I'm not entitled to smp or ma so my pregnancy/maternity is zero cost to them. I intend to start when baby is 6 weeks old (have done this before, dp was/will be as sahp). It's a job that needs a crb check so by the time that and all the pre-start admin is done the start date should be at that 6 week point. I obviously can't give an exact date as no one can predict a birth date!

I expect the interview panel will know better to raise the subject and ask me directly about my bump so I want to broach the subject first to put them at ease. I don't want them to think they could employ someone who isn't going to be available for months!

But I'd like advice from anyone who's been in his situation either as the interviewee or interviewer.

mamadoc Sun 14-Jun-15 17:52:20

Make sure you can get through the door! I once had a very embarrassing situation where I got stuck in a sliding door whilst attending an interview at 38 weeks.

My recollection is that nobody mentioned my pregnancy specifically apart from offering me drinks and a chair etc.

It was a very structured interview with lots of candidates for a large organisation. I just took it that it did not have much impact on my ability to do the job and the only issue was needing to wait for me to start (I was planning, and had 9 months off) and since it was a big organisation they could absorb that.

They offered me the job. I accepted and just informed them at that point when I planned to return to work.

From their POV it isn't really all that much more of a problem than any woman of childbearing age or father since the advent of shared paternity leave. You could get the job and be pregnant before you start. I would advise just don't mention it at all.

Athenaviolet Sun 14-Jun-15 19:16:05

I just think if I don't mention it they will assume I'll want a full mat leave and not expect me to want to start asap?

I've tried mat leave before. I loathed it. I'm not suited to it. I'm so desperate to get back to work. Also I want to mention that DP is a sahp so they don't think I need ft paid childcare and will need to take days off when DCs are sick. (My DCs school really can't get their head around the fact that I'm not the one to call when they need picked up due to sickness!)

mamadoc Mon 15-Jun-15 00:29:07

Just leave it to the end then at the bit where they ask if you have any more questions.

younggifted Mon 15-Jun-15 00:58:39

Yes I would mention it at the end

'Obviously I'm very pregnant haha etc If I am successful and get the role I would like to start work on or around X date, as I propose only taking Six weeks maternity leave.'

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