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Moving to Wolverhampton

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Babealicious38 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:53:33

Hi, this is my first time losing but I really need advice and guidance. My hubby has just secure a lecturing post in Wolverhampton University and is moving over next month. I am keen for us to all move over possibly in the new year.
What areas outside the city centre are good for family life with a decent catholic primary school?? I will also be looking for a job as mental health nurse (manager) where should I look for jobs. Any constructive advice is greatly appreciated

Toofat2BtheFly Wed 10-Jun-15 17:21:42

Hello and welcome to wolves , your gonna love it .. Honest !

We have plenty of good catholic schools but st Anthony's fordhouses is by far the best in wolverhampton , decent area and good access to the M54 . St Christophers is just outside the main city in a large village called Codsall , it's a bit more affluent so dependant on budget that's a good option too . Both are very well respected schools .

As it goes I have just left a healthcare recruitment job and with this in mind I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that you will be snapped up and will have a vast choice of options in terms of work for yourself .

Pm me if you need anymore info .

It's great here , honestly smile

Toofat2BtheFly Wed 10-Jun-15 17:40:40

I've just read that back and it sounds like I'm trying to recruit you , I'm not honest , I was rubbish at it , that's why I don't do it anymore !!

What I meant was that I know the job market here and there is a massive shortage of registered mental health managers and lots of jobs waiting to be filled .

Anyway , if u need any advice on areas or anything else , just ask smile

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