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Can anyone point me to websites on how to write a CV

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minsmum Wed 10-Jun-15 13:39:16

Just this really. I have just been told that in a month's time my job, along with many others, is going to change. They will be making a large number of redundancies. We will be expected to apply for the jobs available by submitting CV' s.
As I have been in the role since 1999 I have absolutely no idea how to even start this so thought I should put in some serious research

SeaMedows Wed 10-Jun-15 16:45:36

There are useful (free) courses on both CV writing and Interviews on FutureLearn. They're aimed at graduates, but they do take you through the basics in a lot of detail. Worth a look?

minsmum Wed 10-Jun-15 21:12:10

Thanks that is probably exactly what I am looking for

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