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anyone work in the pharmaceutical industry?

(7 Posts)
basildonbond Mon 08-Jun-15 11:40:15

particularly comms?

would love to pick your brains if possible (interview tomorrow - eek)

thank you

Namechangio Sat 13-Jun-15 19:29:24

I do although not comma but probably too late to be helpful. How did your interview go?

Namechangio Sat 13-Jun-15 19:29:50


Skiptonlass Mon 15-Jun-15 10:51:15

Not comms, but work in drug development/CRO world.

basildonbond Mon 15-Jun-15 12:46:33

Thanks but I didn't get the job - came down to me and one other candidate and they went with them

Namechangio Mon 15-Jun-15 16:05:25

Sorry to hear that

Skiptonlass Tue 16-Jun-15 09:04:41

Bummer, but good that you got down to the last two.

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