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Pro rata

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Grandad50 Thu 28-May-15 16:40:10

My daughter just started a job at a local college. The pro rata pay was calculated at £15000 which is stated clearly in her contract. She thought she would get one twelfth of this each month. The college says that since this term has significant holiday periods her salary is reduced to £12500 until September.
No mention of this in the contract. Has she a case?
Please advise.

LIZS Fri 29-May-15 13:11:56

That sounds like the 15k was a ft, all year round equivalent for that post and £12500 is the actual amount paid for working termtime (36 weeks?) plus a holiday allowance. This is then usually paid as 1/12 each month. She needs to recheck the wording of the ad and her contract. September is the likely pay review date but given how much cut backs are being made in the FE sector I wouldn't hold my breath.

lougle Sat 30-May-15 00:18:05

No, I don't think it's that. I think what they're saying is that pro-rata for the whole year is £15000, but that this term has a disproportionate amount of non-working time.

In other words, the £15000 is for 39 weeks of term and 5.6 weeks of paid leave = 44.6 weeks pay,spread over 52 weeks.

On a termly basis, it would amount to £5000 per term, for 13 weeks work and 1.75 weeks (ish) paid leave. However, whereas Autumn term and spring term have 3 weeks off (1 week half term and 2 weeks Xmas/Easter) this term has 7 weeks off (1 week half term and 6 weeks summer break).

As you're just starting now, you'll only have accrued 1/3 of the annual leave entitlement, so roughly 2 weeks, but there will be 7 weeks off, so in effect 5 weeks unpaid.

They're just taking that into account.

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