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Feel like throwing in the towel (long)

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headinmyhands Wed 27-May-15 22:31:17

I've NC for this as it could be a bit identifying (and I'm, frankly, embarrassed that this is still dragging on)


I started working in my current dept nearly 11 months ago but have 14 1/2 years continuous service (NHS). The job that I applied for, and subsequently got, was a learning role that should have seen me starting a foundation degree last September. I was told on the first day of my week long induction that the education department had no idea who I was and had not agreed to fund my degree....that was the beginning of my nightmare sad

My contract stated my role and the course I was expected to undertake. This was taken to a director who agreed that they have to honour my contract.....after 2 months of back/forwards conversations, requests (and compliance from me) several times for my educational certificates then the subsequent losses of the certificates by senior managers, I had still heard nothing. With the help of my union rep (I have always been a union member) I raised a grievance. All evidence was gathered, an information gathering meeting was attended and, in January, it was decided that I was to be placed on a course. This course is not the course that I wanted (not yet accredited so, at the moment, can't be used to further my career) but I was just thankful that I could finally start in my actual role (up until then I didn't really have a title as I was doing a job that, effectively, doesn't exist!) I thought that would be it, course starts in September, I can finally put the stress behind me, right? Uh, no.......

Here I am today, 5 months after the grievance outcome and I am STILL having problems. They have asked, yet again, for copies of my educational certs. They have, once again, lost the copies that were given to them in January. But I have a problem. I have lost a file that houses my NVQ and maths resit certificate angry I have managed to find a photocopy of my NVQ certs but can't find my maths. The other certificates are fine as they are in a separate file (I kept my NVQ/re-sit certs separate as my ROA was already full). They now want me to re-sit my maths for a 3rd time as I 'can't provided evidence' that I have the required grade.....despite having provided this evidence on 4 different occasions which they have lost!!! They are now saying that, should I fail the maths (and they want it done before September) I will be unable to start the course.

I feel I have jumped through hoops for this flipping trust just to get what I am contracted to do in the first place. It feels like I am being treated as if I have done something wrong, which of course I haven't. I applied for a job in good faith, with the relevant experience and qualifications, and have provided all of the evidence but they have lost it. I am KICKING myself for losing the file but, of course, it really wouldn't matter if they hadn't lost everything 4 times previously.

I feel so disillusioned with all of this now. I moved my family to another county for my 'dream job'. My at the time 2 yr old struggled for months with the move, I wholeheartedly think he took it so much harder than I ever believed he would and spent months wracked with guilt over dragging him away from all he knew. This has caused so much friction between me and OH because I feel so awful that this is still going on. I can't even talk to him about it now because he gets angry and tells me that they are trying everything they can NOT to put me on the course and 'fuck me over'. This of course does not help and I'm finding myself feeling more and more stressed, but inwardly.

I have no idea what my next move is going to be. My union rep, who was initially amazing, seems to have given up on being so forceful and thinks I should re-sit. I know she is right but I feel so angry that I have to because of their incompetence (and what if I bloody fail?!)

I just wish I could turn back time and never applied for this. It was supposed to be a dream move, something we had spoken about for years, but I feel so worn down by my fight.

Sorry it really is long, there has been so much that has happened and I really needed to get this out as my OH would implode if I told him I want to give up sad

Stealthpolarbear Wed 27-May-15 22:35:02

bloody hell
are they useless or are they in fact trying to screw you over?

antimatter Wed 27-May-15 22:35:30

What a horrible situation!
Maybe you have email with copied attachments of your certificates somewhere?

Stealthpolarbear Wed 27-May-15 22:38:15

or can you get copies from the awarding body? May have to pay but better than resitting

headinmyhands Wed 27-May-15 22:44:45

I have been tearing my hair out regarding getting copies. I have no idea which examining body I did the re-sit with, I did the re-sit through an outside college that was disbanded 12 years ago so I can't phone them. I even contacted be previous trust to see if they had copies but they don't keep copies of previous employees files. I feel shafted. I have not left a stone unturned and yet still coming up against closed doors.

antimatter Wed 27-May-15 22:54:53

There are only few bodies which award certificates.
Can you remember the name of your exam? Or award you were given?

headinmyhands Wed 27-May-15 23:07:16

That's one problem...I re sat 16 years ago and, being a total idiot of a teen who knew everything didn't pay any attention. I was also doing an NVQ at the same time (the maths was a condition of the course) so I had other things taking my attention. Obviously hindsight is wonderful and, had I known then how important it would be, would have acted so differently.

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