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Career mapping

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Millionairerow Thu 21-May-15 19:22:37

Work gone through this exercise and mapped Jobs to grades. It appears some of my staff will be downgraded to non manager status which may affect their benefits in 2 years if they're not promoted. Can work do this? Morale is low as it is.

Melonfool Thu 21-May-15 21:35:00

Is there a union and, if so, has the union agreed it?

The NHS do this all the time and, yes, it is possible for employers to do this. More details are probably needed to give a fuller response.

Millionairerow Tue 26-May-15 15:09:03

No union. The organisation is giving roles bands which I welcome, but seem to be downgrading all my staff. Eg successfully promoted someone to snr specialist 1.5 years ago but in banding goes back to specialist (huh?). My staff are highly educated and its a specialist role were in but HR is saying it'll be fairer re when doing stuff like comparing salaries across similar markets. But if they downgrade folk, they're naturally goin to look ok on pay band eg with similar years of experience my staff could get manager role elsewhere. They're giving a 2 year grace benefit for pay and conditions but I can see some of them losing car allowance at the bonuses as currently calculated per level.

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