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Teacher, August due date, Maternity question.

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ceebelle83 Thu 21-May-15 17:38:14

Hi there,

I'm expecting my first child on August 20th. I am wondering when I put down to start my maternity? It seems annoying to start it on due date if I'm likely to go overdue?

My midwife has put 06/08/2015 as my due date, despite it being changed to 20/08/2015 at my dating scan. Should I go and ask doctor to change it to 20th or leave it and hand in as is? So confused!

PotteringAlong Thu 21-May-15 18:06:14

You need to start on your due date. Look at it this way - if you were due in term time no way would you be teaching until 40 weeks so you've got a bit of bonus extra time.

PotteringAlong Thu 21-May-15 18:07:25

Oh, and if your due date is the 20th put that down. Just ask your midwife to alter it.

ceebelle83 Thu 21-May-15 18:51:06

Thanks, @PotteringAlong. You are right
I rushed back to my doctors before closing, with my pregnancy notes so they are going to change the date on my matb1 for me.

bamboostalks Thu 21-May-15 18:53:25

I thought that your last working day had to fall in term time? i.e. 24th July etc. so that's when your leave has to start.

LooksLikeImStuckHere Thu 21-May-15 18:58:29

I thought the same as bamboo. Perhaps it changes between local authorities. I would check with HR.

SweepTheHalls Thu 21-May-15 18:58:40

No, you can start and finish maternity leave at any point.

LooksLikeImStuckHere Thu 21-May-15 19:00:03

Ah well that's good for OP then!

I second starting from your due date (the amended on of the 20th), then you get the max amount of paid leave.

YonicScrewdriver Thu 21-May-15 19:00:17

If you give birth earlier, your maternity leave will automatically start then, BTW.

Springintosummer Thu 21-May-15 19:04:13

Don't forget that you can come back from maternity leave in the holidays. So if you want to take a full year off then come back to work on the first day of the summer holidays and you will be paid for the holidays.

bamboostalks Thu 21-May-15 19:04:35

You definitely have to start it from a Sunday if you're in a LA school as that's in the burgundy book t and c.

bamboostalks Thu 21-May-15 19:05:42

Again I thought you had to work at least one school day as technically teachers are not paid for their holidays.

Komnu Thu 21-May-15 19:09:16

I was in the same situation (with a slightly later due date) and all I knew was that I definitely didn't want to start the new term!! So I told HR I wanted my maternity leave to start on the last day of the holidays, or the date of the actual birth, whichever was sooner.

Komnu Thu 21-May-15 19:09:53

(In an independent school tho, so no Burgundy Book)

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