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Enhanced Shared Parental Leave

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chankie888 Thu 14-May-15 13:59:18

Two bits of conflicting info from HR
- Dad gets first 13 weeks fully pay as long as SMP/MA is paid
- Dad's right to first 13 weeks fully paid is reduced by each week that mum is off on Maternity.

Any ideas?
As it is a company policy is it for the company to decide how to interpret its own policy?

It seems a bit against the spirit of the latter circumstance is true as then fathers wont be able to take up much of the 13 weeks fully paid.

Mum just started a new job so is only on Maternity Allowance.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 14-May-15 16:20:28

I would suspect this is to protect themselves if both Mum and Dad work for the company having to pay 26 weeks full pay.
Any time at full pay is very generous though vast majority only pay SMP levels.

Abbykadabby Fri 15-May-15 00:19:50

That is confusing and sort of generous. The law is new, complicated and untested. So do push for clarity in writing if you feel it's unreasonable or that they are contradicting themselves. Your application will likely be one of the first for the company to test their policy. A few thoughts:

Does Dads shared parental leave enhancement match the maternity enhancement pay? It might be that they are doing a like for like match. What's also likely is that they are trying to encourage people to take the leave in one continuous block upfront.

It seems somewhat unreasonable (but probably not illegal) for Dads clock to start ticking on SPL enhanced pay until after Mum has completed her statutory two weeks mat leave post birth.

Leave can be taken concurrently. To make the most of his enhanced pay, they could potentially both start SPL after the mandatory two weeks. Then she might get get statutory shared parental pay instead of SMP. But it means time with baby is cut short because it's 52 weeks total leave. So your 52 weeks would be cut down to 41 weeks if you both took 11 weeks of that leave concurrently. But do validate your plan with HR in writing to make sure everyone understands (including HR) and validates the plan is acceptable before putting in all the requisite forms.

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