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dreading a meeting that may not happen!

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Maytheforcebewithyouall Thu 14-May-15 13:52:08

I work for a household name very large company so must be careful.

I reported a shop floor supervisor to another supervisor for being horrible (verbally) to a worker in my team. I was the only one who spoke out as it had happened before. Rather than deal with it by having a word, this supervisor and my own supervisor put me on a disciplinary for disrespect!! You can imagine how I felt. I enjoy my job so took it on the chin and now keep my head down.
My team have now reported my supervisor for bullying me (which is true since the event) and he has been called to a meeting and came back black as thunder.
Today is my day off but tomorrow I fear I may be called to a meeting to put my side.
Can anyone give me some idea of what to expect? I am nearly sick with worry.

Ijustworemytrenchcoat Thu 14-May-15 20:36:19

I know it's hard not to, but please try not to worry. It doesn't sound like you've done anything wrong, and judging by your supervisor's mood they may have got a dressing down themselves. If there is a meeting ( and in your situation I would push for one actually) just be honest about the verbal abuse your team have suffered. You have a right not to be bullied at work.

You are allowed to take somebody in to the meeting for support, it could be a union rep but doesn't have to be. A co worker who knows something about employment issues and is good at putting their point across would be good.

nightvision Thu 14-May-15 23:47:28

Very large household name companies usually have a comprehensive set of procedures dealing with bullying, discrimination, bad behaviour, victimisation, misconduct, etc. All too often shop floor supervisors, line managers and the like close rank (unreasonably) when one of their kind is involved in a bit of a tangle with a member of staff junior to them. They intimidate you and put you on the defensive. If you give way, then you're done. They will forever sit on top of you thence.

But you have a powerful weapon to counter their nonsense. If you feel you are the victim of the above mentioned misdeeds, then sit down and write a strong grievance letter to the personnel manager (listing all the details that caused you grievance) who will then be obliged to act fairly. Usually this will be enough to put an end to the bullying and I promise you the supervisor(s) will then leave you well alone in the future. If, on the very rare occasion that this still does not resolve the issue, then bring this up with the company's general manager (store manager) and as a last resort, to the company's Head Office.

Maytheforcebewithyouall Fri 15-May-15 15:58:25

Had a really good meeting with the manager today and was promised that this was not an unknown problem and that he was going to deal with it in strong terms and I was not to worry.

He asked why I had not come to him before!

I will remember the really helpful things you put Ijust and Night, about not worrying and grievenance letter. They will be the ace up my sleeve but I hope things are sorted now as I have this really nice top manager looking out for me now.

Whew! Thanks both.

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