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do I have a right to see this document?

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beepbeep Mon 11-May-15 13:54:19

I am currently off work sick and now on half pay, I appealed the half pay (as work related etc.) and I am told that my appeal was heard but turned down.

I know the appeals take place with only 2 people present (the work Dr & another person). This other person receives my appeal and has then 'summarised' it before presenting it to the Dr.

Do I have a right to see how my appeal was presented and how it was summarised as I do not believe that all the facts were presented. I have been told that I can't see it.

Catmint Mon 11-May-15 14:00:40

You could make a Subject Access Request under the data protection act.

But I believe that they can still summarise to some extent.

Ring the information commissioner help desk and they will talk you thru it.

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