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job hunting versus baby planning

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vineyard Thu 07-May-15 19:07:53

I have been in my job 6 years and have DS who is almost 4 and going to start school this September. I am bored although work 4 days and people nice. Considering looking for position closer to home as in central London at present. But also consciously trying for another baby . Do I wait as being just over 40 pregnancy may take longer or stay where I am hours nice . No real room for career progression for eventually would leave. Let me unbiased know your thoughts

Chchchchangeabout Thu 07-May-15 19:21:56

I would stay but do the initial parts of job search - polish up cv, brush up skills etc.

vineyard Mon 11-May-15 03:13:22

Thanks for advice as don't want to cut of my nose to spite my face so to.speak.

vineyard Mon 11-May-15 03:15:53

Thanks for advice as don't was cut of my nose spite my face . brush up on skills and can review in the future

SuperFlyHigh Mon 11-May-15 12:19:12

Stay definitely. If you leave your current job you'll lose maternity leave, 1 year off unpaid etc... If you do get a nice new job closer to home though it would be great you'd lose maternity package.

You could ask for more training at work or brush up skills external to work etc...

I am also in similar position (but older!) re starting a new job next month but been in current job for 5 years. I also want to maybe either try for baby (very much last chance saloon though!) or adopt and time off round those would be easier in my current job. However my new job offers more benefits, has free car parking etc... i could even negotiate some working from home i think plus big jump in salary so when I weigh up moving works better for me for now. Plus good location not central London!

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