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How do you deal with micromanagement?

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Millionairerow Thu 07-May-15 10:14:17

I've been line managing in my past 3 jobs in similar line of work, in fact promoted this April and commended for my line management skills and is one of my strengths. But we acquired a company, more of them than us and have a new line manager who is more hands on than my last one bit she is treading on my toes big time. Partly because of circumstance (ie all team leads go to resourcing calls but as I'm not a team lead, but manage 3 individuals under her) I feel I'm not empowered to really line manage or have a say in certain circumstances even though its me who has 1 to 1 s with direct reports. I just get 'told' what to say to my employees even when it's stuff that might be annoying her, but not me particularly. And she seems to be picking on one of my line managees more than another even though in my eyes she's doing a great job (my other line managee used to report to her in the company we 'acquired'. Ive told her I'm finding it all incredibly frustrating and naturally she wants us to talk about it but how do I deal with the conversation without sounding unprofessional? Before the acquisition, the head of dept asked if I'd like to be a team lead, but it isn't happen as shed have too many line reports. Do u think its unreasonable now to ask to be a team lead now I'm promoted? There is another director with 3 line reports which is now what I'm though one is on mat leave currently.

Millionairerow Thu 07-May-15 10:16:08

I mean another team lead at director level with 3 line reports which is what I have.

DragonsCanHop Sat 09-May-15 16:24:06

In what way have you been promoted, do you have a new job title? Maybe you just need to have a conversation, explain you are happy and confident to manage yor reports and will obviously let her know if you need support.

Millionairerow Sun 10-May-15 13:06:33

Yes snr manager to director. Manager is snr director but I'm the only middle manager who is not a team lead!

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