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Redundancy on maternity leave

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Kent1982 Wed 06-May-15 08:26:53

Hi all last week I received notification my company were to reduce the number of staff doing my job so 8 jobs will now be 3 making 5 people redundant. At current I'm on maternity leave. I've been reading acas and various other sites and it looks as though because I'm on maternity the legal rules are in my favour and I should be given one of the jobs without having to apply. Does this sound right?

I'm not sure my company are aware as they haven't mentioned anything, does anyone have any experience of this.

I have been in this role for a number of years and have really given it my heart and am really keen to return. Although I am very sad that anyone has to be made redundant I really want to keep my job as I love it but am concerned that I will be one of the unlucky 5 as I think they saw me having a baby as a bit of a lack of commitment.

One of the vacancies has been changed to part time, since having my LO I think this could be a consideration as I'm really enjoying spending time with bambino and the 50 hour weeks would mean I would miss out on such a lot. There has never been part time roles before.

If it seems that they have to give me a job then at what point should I say I will consider the part time one as I don't want to mess either the company or the other staff about who are also up for redundancy

Any help of similar experiences would be greatly appreciated, I'm trying not to worry about it too much as I don't want to get down about it when I'm supposed to be enjoying my baby but I am the worlds worst worrier

flowery Wed 06-May-15 09:35:08

If your role is made redundant while on maternity leave, and there is a suitable alternative vacancy, those are the circumstances under which you must be offered that vacancy.

If it's simply a reduction in headcount of people in the same roles, it may be very difficult to argue that those roles constitute "alternative vacancies".

If there is a vacancy, "suitable" means suitable for your skills and experience and on the same/no less favourable terms and conditions, ie the same hours you were on before.

Have your employer made clear how the selection process will take place?

Kent1982 Wed 06-May-15 13:35:00

Hi thanks for response, I'm just waiting to hear some more news really now as to how they are doing it and the time scales I hope I keep my job

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