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Sick leave advice please?

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LadyFlumpalot Tue 05-May-15 09:05:58

I need a bit of help and advice please? I went back to work from Maternity Leave a year ago - and in that year I have managed to get every bug going. Last weekend I picked up a sicky thing from the DC and had two days off. That tipped me over the threshold for an informal absence improvement plan.

Last night I started vomiting again. Obviously I haven't gone into work but I'm really worried about getting into serious trouble. I can't help it. sad

Can anyone tell me what I can expect to happen now?

flowery Tue 05-May-15 10:17:01

Well it sounds as though your employer's procedure involves you being placed on a plan as you describe, unfortunately no one here is going to be able to advise you what that entails. Have you read the sickness absence policy carefully?

chocolatelife Tue 05-May-15 10:23:15

will your GP write your a sick note, then they will know it is genuine

LadyFlumpalot Tue 05-May-15 11:58:21

Flowery - the policies at work are currently being rewritten. The one available on the intranet is the old one and they are using the new one. I am a part timer so it all has to be pro-rated down for me as well.

LadyFlumpalot Tue 05-May-15 11:59:27

Chocolatelife - possibly, if I could actually get an appointment hmm I've been waiting three hours for a call back they promised would be made in an hour.

Viviennemary Tue 05-May-15 12:03:06

How many sick days in a year have you had. Sometimes a few days here and there is more frowned upon than a prolonged period of absence. Strange as it may seem. Try not to worry as it's only a routine interview IMHO.

LadyFlumpalot Tue 05-May-15 12:08:35

This will be my 9th day. I believe the new policy allows for 10 days, but I have less allowable time as I'm part time. This is the first time in my ten years with the company that I've tipped over the threshold. Pesky nursery germs

flowery Tue 05-May-15 18:24:57

Ok well the first thing you need to do is ask for a copy of the procedure they are using to manage your case.

Musicaltheatremum Thu 07-May-15 12:43:01

Also the GP does not have to give you a sick note so be prepared for this as you can self certify for the first 7 days. If you are just phoning for the sick note then this is a waste of their time. They won't want to see you if you have a bug. They can actually charge you for this. (Sorry that comes across as harsh and isn't meant to as I know you are feeling rough and worried but just to warn you)

Politicalstats Thu 07-May-15 13:00:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blankiefan Thu 07-May-15 13:34:15

A sick note is a but of a red herring here, IMO. It is likely that your employer will be managing your absence rather than the reason(s) for your absence (unless it's a Disability issue or similar). I would imagine that they
will assume all absences are genuine however 9 days absence in a year is a lot for FT let alone PT.

On the plus side, it sounds like they're a reasonable size employer (intranet, targets, absence plans) so it's likely they'll have various stages of discipline process. With my employer, you'd get a few different stages each of which probably taking a couple of months. Hopefully this will give your immune system enough time to toughen up, I sympathise - that first year of nursery really tests the little ones and us parents!

Definitely get a copy of the policy and just make sure you're going in when you can. One watchouts is that if you need to take time for the kids' absences, make sure to use your annual leave.

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