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Online application form badly designed

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Hedgehog1977 Mon 04-May-15 11:05:59

I'm filling in an online application form for a job I want so much and having problems! I'm so rusty; been in my job for 10 years and currently on maternity leave and want to make a good impression, but the form hasn't been designed well and I'm unsure what to put....

There is a job description with essential requirements for the job, and a section on the application form that relates to these. However, not all of the essential requirements are listed as a question, some are missing. There is a section for additional information - should I put the missing details in this section instead? Or should I contact them and point out the mistake? I meet all of the essential requirements but not all of the desirable ones - should I put those in this section as well? Normally I would write a covering letter with my CV and make sure all of the points were covered, but cvs aren't accepted for this job.

Also, there is a section for professional memberships, which I have to put down an expiry date for. However, my professional membership doesn't have an expiry date, but I have to fill this in.

Maybe the form is a test to see how we cope! grin

moonshine Mon 04-May-15 13:05:49

Over the past 2.5 years I have filled in so many application forms that, and in the last few weeks, I was getting to the stage of pretty much always getting an interview from them, I'd had so much practice,having started at a very poor returns rate (my interview skills needed longer but finally got a new job 3 weeks ago smile). I also worked in HR for a while.

If it was me, I would not ring them to tell them they've made a mistake! I would address all the essential requirements not listed in the 'additional information' section and definitely list and highlight any of the desirable ones you have. If they score the forms fairly, then you will get 'bonus' points for any skills and requirements of the job you meet and sometimes all it takes to get you an interview is an extra point or 2.

Regarding the date, if you have to put one in, then make it one far in the future. If you get as far as an interview, you can then explain why you did that then.

Good luck!

flowery Mon 04-May-15 14:48:35

I agree, I don't think pointing out the flaws in their application process is likely to endear you to anyone...

Hedgehog1977 Mon 04-May-15 15:43:43

When you put it like that it makes sense!

Thanks, it looks as though it's a generic form for the whole organisation that only has space for ten requirements.

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