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Do I tell boss I've applied for another job and why?

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Chertsey Sun 15-Feb-15 08:39:10

Three years ago I took voluntary redundancy from a senior job in the finance sector. I was completely burnt out and the plan was to take a year off and think about what to do next.

After 3 months by complete fluke I saw a finance job advertised at a local school. Very junior but very local and lovely hours. Applied and got it out of 60+ candidates.

I love it there, completely different to my previous life and the money's rubbish but it's challenging enough to to be boring, fits with my homelife and the people are great. I'm doing much more than my official role but that suits me too, to make life more interesting.

Anyway after 2 years, I was offered another role and a small promotion. At the time, I asked if, in recognition of the fact that they're getting far more that they're paying for, I could go somewhere close to the mid-point, rather on the bottom of the scale. Boss said she'd take it to the head (who I think would have agreed, he's keen on paying the right staff properly to retain them) but I know she never did. She said something about looking at it in Sept when I was trained, but that didn't happen either.

At the time I didn't think it mattered, in terms of pounds it would have been tiny anyway because of my short hours, but as time's gone on it's become clear that it does matter to me quite a lot. Not the money, if that was important, I'd go back to something similar to before and earn proper money, but the acknowledgement.

So, I've applied for another job. It's a step up, more responsibility and more money - also more hours than I really want.

So, do I tell current school I've applied and why and see if I can negotiate something here (there might be scope to get the upgrade here, if they want to keep me) or leave it and see what happens?

School will find out if I'm short-listed, as safeguarding means they have to take refs from current employer before interview.

WipsGlitter Sun 15-Feb-15 08:44:23

I'd wait until you get an interview. They may discuss it with you when asked for references, they may not. One step at a time.

Get the interview.
Get the job!

sooperdooper Sun 15-Feb-15 08:45:49

If they're going to find out if you get shortlisted then yes, tell them, but you can only use it to negotiate on your current salary if you get offered the job (and even then they're within their rights to just say no, take the new job if you want it)

Just because you feel overqualified for the role you're doing doesn't mean they have to pay you more, you knew the salary and responsibilities when you accepted the role

Chertsey Sun 15-Feb-15 08:46:18

Yes, that would be best Wips, but these jobs always get loads of applications. If I leave it until then, there's every possibility I'll have nothing to negotiate with!

DeliciousMonster Sun 15-Feb-15 08:49:21

You only have something to negotiate with when you have a job offer on the table.

I wouldn't tell them and if asked say 'you are putting out the feelers as your last request went 'unanswered'.

Chertsey Sun 15-Feb-15 08:50:00

Of course they don't have to pay me anymore than the minimum sooper, but if you don't pay your good staff properly, you run the risk of losing them, or if they're unsuccessful in attempts to leave, keeping demoralised staff. I guess I'd quite like to point out boss' mistake in taking me for granted, but realise there's not "good" reason to do that.

The head understands this and is keen to pay good LSAs etc as close to the top of their scales as he can, whilst being quite happy to upset the one's he'd like to lose.

WipsGlitter Sun 15-Feb-15 08:53:45

You can go to them at any time and discuss a pay rise, whether you have a new job or not. But if you've nothing else to go to and they say no... You're stuck. If they say no and you have another job to go to then you're in a stronger position to negotiate.

PrimalLass Sun 15-Feb-15 08:53:54

No don't tell them. You have no guarantee of getting it,

MaybeDoctor Sun 15-Feb-15 09:02:06

In schools the etiquette is that you do tell the HT - as soon as you are shortlisted, mostly because they will approach your current HT prior to interview.

lougle Sun 15-Feb-15 09:22:42

Yes I'd tell in these circumstances.

NiceBitOfCheese Sun 15-Feb-15 16:35:47

Tell your current boss, and make sure they know it's because you respect them, and wanted them to be aware. Tell your boss that you are experiencing some loss of job satisfaction. If relevant, say you like the people & the environment, but feel under valued.

Bottom line is that they may well feel they don't need to do anything (pay rise) unless you are offered the other job. If they really do value you, to the point where they realise they really don't want to lose you, then they may be open to further discussions, in an effort to stop you looking, but don't bank on it.

I've seen several people stamp their feet about being undervalued. The only ones who go anything out of it (payrise, promotion) were the ones who had another job offer on the table.

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