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Summer job in public law . Is it possible ?

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Saymwa Sun 08-Feb-15 12:38:05

Because she'd only be available for 3 months , my daughter believes that it won't be possible to get a summer job in her field of studies. Although I think it might be I don't know how or where she should start looking.

Has anyone has anyone got any helpful suggestions about how to go about finding summer work in international / public law ? If so, please could you give me some suggestions that I can pass on to her ?

Unexpected Sun 08-Feb-15 13:05:44

On what basis does your daughter think she cannot get a summer job? Has she actually asked any law firms? Has she spoken to her tutors or careers service at university? I don't know about summer work in Law so sorry if I am sounding unhelpful but from your post it sounds as if she doesn't actually want to work in that area in the summer or can't be bothered to organise it so I would check exactly what the situation is before you rush in and spend time on trying to sort it out for her - given that she is presumably an adult?

Saymwa Sun 08-Feb-15 13:57:15

Hi, thanks for your reply Unexpected. What gives you the impression that my daughter isn't motivated ?

I believe that she is because she has already already worked a lot in this field and is currently on a 6 month work placement. I believe she's unsure of getting a summer job in law because she doesn't live in the UK and so doesn't know the UK system well enough to know where to start.

She is an adult but she is financially dependant on me and wants to contribute financially to her next year's studies. Also, she is concerned that 3 months could be too short a time frame to get a summer job in her field in the UK.

I am not in law either- I'm her mum smile.

CatKitten Fri 13-Feb-15 14:28:55

A lot of larger law firms run vacation schemes - including ones that do public law do to - but they are highly competitive and have a structured application process because it is a pre-cursor to their actual recruitment. A lot of the deadlines for this year have already passed so she may be looking at next year.

Public law firms:

Here is a site with deadlines on:

Beyond that, she could look at speaking to recruitment agencies that specialise in short term legal posts for a paralegal job. Or looking at it from the other side - ie. apply to a public body legal department for a local authority.

Three months is not too short a period to get a summer job. The bigger issue is how competitive it will be.

MadeInChorley Fri 13-Feb-15 17:05:31

All students are available for approx 3 months on the summer, so I would assume most law firms offering work experience will be aware of that. Vacation schemes at the big firms are usually for 2 weeks to among she needs to get researching and applying and forget about lack of availability because she should a pretty available to me!

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