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oneboy3girls Sun 08-Feb-15 11:58:50

My dh works in a garage.There is serious , inadequate exhaust extraction.It is always full of exhaust fumes.Management don't comply with health and safety. He has worked in this environment for20 years and has been I'll with lethargy, dizziness,exhaustion for 5 years.To top that he had a cancer diagnosis 2 years ago.Other workers are falling I'll Complaint s fall on deaf ears. Apart from going to his gpWhat can he do ? Thank you .

shartsi Sun 08-Feb-15 12:06:14

Call the Health and Safety Executive. They are the enforcing authority for health and safety in garages.

oneboy3girls Sun 08-Feb-15 13:58:41

Dh has done this .The garage were pr-warned about their visit.They opened doors and put extractors on ,and The Safety Executive passed everything. Within days everything had lapsed back. The other workers don't like getting cold and can't be bothered to put the extractors on. Thanks for replying shartsi.

Millerpup Sun 08-Feb-15 18:58:47

The health & safety executive will never disclose to anyone when they intend to make a visit, and if your dh works for someone that employs five or more people then all of the legal requirements in this country apply. Are you sure it was the HSE that made that visit ?
Extraction has to be maintained and tested every year the employer should keep records of when this was done and normally a sticker is placed on the tested equipment showing when the test was done and when the next one is due. Ask your dh to look for it. The HSE would have asked to see the records for this equipment, and they would not have been doing their job properly to think that opening the doors is an adequate form of control.
The employer is also expected to provide health surveillance for his employees if he suspects that there is a hazard that he is exposing his employees to, from your post the hazard would be the exhaust fumes.
Please pm me with some more information and i will assist you with the steps your dh must take without fail.

oneboy3girls Sun 08-Feb-15 20:51:58

I never pm you Millerpup

Millerpup Mon 09-Feb-15 05:34:09

Just re read my post and don't want to confuse everyone the legal responsibilities lie with everyone and every employer If the employer employs five or more people he has to document in the form of a policy what he is doing to abide by those legal responsibilities.
Apologies if i confused anyone.

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