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Help - advice needed - long post sorry

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Seagullslanding Sat 07-Feb-15 12:30:20

Help i urgently need advice.

A colleague has made a false accusation about my behaviour. Apparently i made her feel threatened. I am gobsmacked!
This alledged incident was not witnessed by any other person. Purely her word against mine.

I was taken into the office and it was quite clear that the very senior managers believed her story over mine. I said i was in shock.

I also explained that prior to the alleged incident the colleague had laughed at me and made feel humiliated.

I explained that i thought the issue had been resolved as earlier that day the colleague had said lets draw a line under this and she gave me a hug. I said nothing further to anyone.

The senior managers brought my colleague in to their office so she could hear how i felt.

Throughout the meeting the colleague repeatedly emphasised how long she had been there and how trustworthy and honest she was. I explained that i was concerned that this would be the talk of the office. My colleague went on again about how trustworthy she was and that she wouldnt breach confidentiality.

I left the meeting and packed up my belongings. As i approached the main corridor i could hear the colleague discussing the events and the meeting. This was in full public view and audible to anyone passing. I immediately returned to teh senior managers and told them what was taking place. They returned with me, the conversation was still taking place. The colleague was talking to another member of our team about me.

One senior manager went in to end the conversation the other manager told me to go home and that they would deal with it.

I am still in a state of shock

My view is that if she could lie about this, it could also prove that she lied about the alleged earlier incident

I have spoken with my line manager who wasn't in the office at the time. She is extremely angry that the whole incident has been dealt with so badly.

Has anybody any advice Please?

Millerpup Sat 07-Feb-15 21:04:00

There is obviously an issue that need resolving.
It was a good job that you were able to return with a manager and listen to this person discussing you with another member of staff.
Personally i would write a letter and document everything from your side that happened and present it to HR and your manager. It doesn't matter how long she has been there thats irrelevant and shouldn't even be mentioned, your management team should deal with this and perhaps the two of you should go in a room with someone independant to try and resolve this.
Good Luck.

Viviennemary Sat 07-Feb-15 21:09:38

I think if you are in a union then you should contact them. And agree with writing everything down re what happened and any events in the past when you had a disagreement with this colleague. People can be total liars and absolute monsters at work. But it sounds good that the manager went back with you. I think in view of what happened the managers will want a line drawn under this with no blame or action against either of you. But that's only my opinion. Hope things get sorted.

Seagullslanding Sat 07-Feb-15 22:25:18

Thank you for your responses.

I have documented what happened and intend seeking advice from the union. Thankfully i am a member.

My concern is that i have only been in the job for 6 months, she has been there for 30 years.

I work in a very large public sector organisation and i'm worried that they could try and move me out if i'm seen not to fit in. My predecessors didnt last long either.

I am ex-private sector, i come in i work hard, i do not get involved in the incessant and utterly senseless idle chit-chat and gossip. I think this has been taken as a personal snub. I have kept my own counsel and not allowed myself to be drawn in to the gossip.

I do not fawn around her i think this is why she is upset with me.

Thank you again for confirming what i thought

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