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Worried about work

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sophiabella Mon 02-Feb-15 22:06:59

Hi everyone. I'm worrying about my job, do I have any rights to take time off to look after my partner who's just had an emergency operation? I've had to take the next few days off to care for him. Does anyone know? Or is it classed as holiday leave?

SueDunome Mon 02-Feb-15 22:47:39

Yes, you are entitled to take Dependants Leave, but you might not get paid for it.

atticusclaw Mon 02-Feb-15 22:49:56

Time off for dependants is unpaid. Is your partner dependent on you?

atticusclaw Mon 02-Feb-15 22:51:01

The legislation isn't designed to enable you to take a few days off though it is there to give you say half a day to make emergency arrangements for someone else to look after him/her.

sophiabella Tue 03-Feb-15 07:20:49

At the moment he is dependent upon me because he has had to have an operation and will be unable to look after himself for a few days whilst he recovers. I'm new to all this so didn't realise. At least I know my boss is being fair when she says it's unpaid so I should take it as holiday x

atticusclaw Tue 03-Feb-15 09:55:48

I would take it as holiday. You have no other legal right to stay off with him.

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