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Interview presentation for primary school!

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SomethingBeginningWith Tue 27-Jan-15 16:23:41

I've been offered an interview for a particular admin role (which also works closely with pupils) within a primary school and part of the interview process is a 5 minute presentation promoting myself and the school. I already have a role within a high school and have a lot of experience working with children but I've never had to do a presentation for an admin role.

So, my question is this: would anyone know what kind of things would be useful/make me stand out to say in a presentation?

I've written down the school's values but I'm finding it hard to think of what to say.

Thanks in advance smile

SomethingBeginningWith Tue 27-Jan-15 22:29:25

Anyone? biscuit

KidTheKidder Wed 28-Jan-15 21:18:08

Hi Something congrats on the interview. What role is it?

I'd suggest using the person spec and job description to draw on your past experiences and ideas that you thing you could bring to the new job.

fascicle Thu 29-Jan-15 09:38:20

KidTheKidder's suggestion sounds good. You could look at the school values as an extension of the person spec, and show how you and the role might reinforce/uphold the school's values.

Have you combed the school's website for anything and everything relating to their ethos, code of conduct, specialisms etc? Useful to read their prospectus and any clips/presentations they may have online which will tell you about what's important to them.

dizzydollie Thu 29-Jan-15 21:03:59

As everyone has said I would check the website and twitter page, print off the school badge/aims and maybe start from there to show you are keen. Then I would go on to talking about yourself and highlights from tasks you've undertaken within your previous role. Have you got some examples of things? Maybe even a few photos you could use as a prop to guide you into a chat about how great you are!

I would think they want to know that you are clear on the school's aims, that you have a great rapport with pupils, staff and parents. That you have a proven track record of working in a similar environment and are professional and approachable at the same time.

What have you got so far? xx

SomethingBeginningWith Fri 30-Jan-15 09:36:38

Thank you for your advice, everyone. Unfortunately, the interview was yesterday and it turned out I was a "close second". Oh well, it clearly wasn't meant to be.

Your help and ideas were very appreciated!

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