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meeting letter has come- Any one in HR?

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Muststopworrying Mon 26-Jan-15 19:12:50

I have experienced a totally out of the blue 'serious' but thankfully due to treatment now being effectively treated condition. Had a stage 1 informal meeting with HR and a member of staff, a supportive referal to OH which generated a report which I have read and approved which mirrored the advice from the medical parties involved without requesting reports as I had taken letters from the specialists with me. I have had a letter today for a stage 2 meeting to discuss the report. I worried as the letter sounds extremely formal! I have read the absence policy and to me stage 2 is when you have been to OH and you are still absent for a significant time after their recommendations where as I will be due to return to work before as the treatment has worked quicker (basically letter from specialist said they would try 4 lines of treatment and I have luckily been successful with the first). It's all new to me, I know no grey areas in absence procedures and not had more than 2 days off in 14 years for one employer and 20 years continual service in the public sector. My husband says I am a born worrier and will convince myself that I will get my p60 if I even had a day off in the past !!!!!

HermioneWeasley Mon 26-Jan-15 19:26:26

Not unusual to have a stage 2 meeting in these circumstances - you are still off, but planning to return and they need to discuss your return to work - any adjustments, phased return etc. also, if you don't return (and it's really really common for people to not come back when they say they will) they need to have you in the process.

Basically, totally normal and nothing to worry about.

maggiethemagpie Mon 26-Jan-15 21:24:39

I wouldn't worry. If you are coming back soon then it'll just be going through the motions. As Hermione says a lot of people don't return, even after they say they will, they're the ones the process is intended to identify.

ilovesooty Mon 26-Jan-15 22:50:04

It's just as the previous posters have said. Please do stop worrying. You are able to offer a realistic return to work prognosis and there are really no grounds for concern.

Muststopworrying Tue 27-Jan-15 09:03:42

Thank you so much. I will try not to worry. I worried myself silly for the first meeting, then the OH meeting, and then when I waited for the report to come! Just got off the phone as can take someone from the union with me me which I will have to do as husband is working away that day and can't come with me and did not help to have the union man on the phone say 'this is the stage before dismissal'. You can imagine how that has made me feel? Oh joy.

Millerpup Sat 31-Jan-15 08:05:21

I might be coming in late here on this one but that is a typical response from a union representative.
They are trained to support workers in times of trouble and will always look at worst case scenario. Don't worry they will only be allowed to offer you support and guidance if things do look as though your job could be at risk but there is an abundance of protection out there regarding the law for someone in your situation. Employers have to be seen to support their workers in situations like this and the letter does state it is to discuss the report submitted by OH.

Muststopworrying Sat 31-Jan-15 23:17:58

Thank you Millerpup. Support that os offered on here has really helped. Meeting has had to be rescheduled as union can not attend. HR are fine about this. Spoke to the local rep and he was more reassuring. Slight issue I have now could be that if GP says I can return to work I could have a day that I should be in work before the meeting. Local rep has said work should not allow me to return before I have the meeting, I will wait and see what happens when I go to the doctors.. many thanks again

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