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Help please public sector lawyers!

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Indecisiveness Fri 23-Jan-15 22:14:14

I am looking for some help from anyone who works at the GLS. I am thinking of taking up a role at the GLS but we're also considering TTC! I know its not idea timing but is anyone able to tell me what the maternity policy is and also the qualifying periods? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks

Blueboys2009 Fri 23-Jan-15 22:43:56

I think it's the general civil service terms, which last time I knew (about 3 yrs ago from a friend who worked for a govt dept) was you got 6months full pay, then 3months SMP then 3months unpaid BUT you had to have 12months continuous service at the due date (although in practice doesn't this just mean that you had to have worked there for approx 3-4months, before getting pregnant? Oh and my friend had to agree to go back to work, but I don't know if there was a minium commitment, otherwise you had to pay back the enhanced bit of pay). If not, then it was just standard SMP terms

Indecisiveness Sat 24-Jan-15 11:41:46

Thanks so much Blueboys2009 for your quick reply, that's really helpful.

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