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New job, just discovered I'm pregnant!

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Kathryn89 Fri 23-Jan-15 14:30:28

Hello, I've just started a home care worker job, which is zero hours. I then discovered I'm pregnant. I'm worried now that if I tell them they won't offer me any hours and I'll be stuck for money.
Does anyone know the rules regarding this, I know in my previous job the pregnant ladies weren't allowed to work alone or do any personal routines.
Please help!

mrscumberbatch Fri 23-Jan-15 14:32:00

No idea about your particular line of work but the same thing happened to me.

You don't need to tell them up until you are 25 weeks- although if you need to make arrangements at work through health and safety you might be better off letting them know sooner.

GlitteryLipgloss Mon 26-Jan-15 16:33:46

I think you need to tell them, more for the safety issue than anything else. Even if you wasn't pregnant and they didn't offer you more hours you would be in the same boat.

You would be entitled to Maternity Allowance.

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