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Help please as will be returning to work soon

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Chubbyone2485 Mon 19-Jan-15 14:57:18

I am a teacher and fingers crossed I am hope to return to work in the next few weeks. I have been unable to work this academic year due to meningitis and then unfortunately unrelated neurological issues which now are under control due to medication. A referral recently to occupational health recommended that when I return a phased return will be advisable and this also is what the doctor and neurologist have recommended. I am obviously only going to return when I am fully recovered but as the main wage earner how will my pay be affected if I go back on a phased return? Many thanks

flowery Mon 19-Jan-15 16:49:27

It depends on the policy at your school/local authority, but in most workplaces you'd get paid for whatever you work, so if you go back 3 days a week, you get paid 3 days a week.

Having said that, in places with generous sick pay schemes, that might also include phased return on full pay so you just need to check your own policy really.

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