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no pg risk assessment

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dafi Tue 13-Jan-15 21:48:40

I've never hide my pregnancy from the start and yet have never had risk assessment. I feel like to stop working asap as I am 7 months gone but then again I want that time with baby. I feel I haven't been treated fairly and for my employer to ignore me that long I want to complain but don't know where to start. When I spoke to HR they advised to tell my manager again but the all know. Just don't know what to do.

flowery Tue 13-Jan-15 21:55:18

Are there any risks involved in your work which you are particularly concerned about?

Unexpected Tue 13-Jan-15 22:44:58

What does having a RA have to do with when you go on maternity leave? You talk about not hiding the pregnancy but have you at any point actually told your manager that you are pregnant? At 7 months, you will have had your MATB form, who did you give that to?

dafi Tue 13-Jan-15 22:54:10

The shop is not suitable has steep stairs, getting back pain on chair which is rolling out from me when I try to sit on, been refused to get steps free shop ...

dafi Tue 13-Jan-15 23:02:04

All managers been informed and my MATB form submitted on time that's not the issue, nobody cared to follow company policy of looking after pregnant woman here and I pay the price

Millerpup Wed 14-Jan-15 19:43:42

First of all your employer should have a risk assessment for the work that you actually do. Secondly you must inform your employer in writing that you are expecting and the expected due date.
Once the employer receives that notification he should revisit that original risk assessment and adjust according to your condition. Different companies have different procedures but this is all dependant on what risks you and your baby could be exposed to.
There are many things your employer must do see the attached link.
Tell your doctor that you are having difficulty at work and have not had your work assessed and take a copy of the link attached and give it to HR.

dafi Wed 14-Jan-15 22:52:34

Thank you Millerpup

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