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What would you do?

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WipsGlitter Tue 13-Jan-15 16:11:36

Two jobs advertised officer and manager level. I have the qualifications and experience to do both. Both good jobs, officer starting salary just above my current band, manager same as my previous job (I took a pay cut a year ago).

My confidence is shot to pieces following numerous unsuccessful applications / interviews should I ...

(a) go for the officer level
(b) go for the manager level
(c) apply for both - or is that a big no-no (although I have seen people doing that)

Rockchick1984 Tue 13-Jan-15 18:43:47

Do you send your application to the same person for both? Is there a named contact? I'd probably get in touch and discuss the roles, and ask their opinion.

WipsGlitter Tue 13-Jan-15 19:25:52

Yes there is a named person for both jobs. Good idea!

Onehundredandone Fri 16-Jan-15 20:23:41

Put in for both. I would! It can't hurt.

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