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resilience, standing up for yourself-meeting with line manager - how to say what I think?

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worriednow1 Sun 11-Jan-15 13:39:54

extra duties ( not much) have been added without discussion with me... how shall I say that it woudl be good to discuss first and also, it is not particularly good time to add duties as I have taken already some additional responsibilities... and want to do well ....will I sound picky and difficult in not accepting the needs of the project ?

resilience, standing up for yourself-meeting with line manager - how to say what I think?

Hotbot Sun 11-Jan-15 13:49:12

An you approach ,
Well yes I can take theses but someone will have to do this one for me..... Swap for,swap,?

Millerpup Sun 11-Jan-15 14:31:19

There is a way of stating what you need to say without coming across negative.
Ever heard of a crap sandwich ? you start on a positive .. say for example are you aware of the additional responsibilities that I have taken on and give examples.
Then give the negatives (the crap) it would be really nice if i am to be given any additional duties that these could be discussed first as i need to make sure that i am not going to underachieve by having too much to do. Then end on a positive I really want to do well and like to be organised and I can only do this if i know exactly what is expected of me which enables me to plan ahead.

maggiethemagpie Sun 11-Jan-15 16:11:38

Can you go for something along the lines of, I have no problem with doing the new duties but am a little concerned that it may make it more difficult to deliver on xyz due to time constraints, I don't want to under deliver, how do you think I should best manage my time to ensure that I can get all of these duties done to the required standard?

It broaches the subject, you're making it about the end user/customer rather than yourself and your manager should understand what you're really saying - I'm concerned that you're over-loading me - without you actually saying it in a confrontational way.

Once you've opened up the dialogue and seen how receptive they are to it, you can decide whether to be a little more direct or not.

SkyHighWhy Sun 11-Jan-15 16:36:34

One part of your 'script' might be to as for your line manger's help:

Start by listing the things you are already responsible for, not in great detail but just by way of setting the context: 'you know that I am responsible for A, B, C, D and now E'. There's an outside change that your line manager is unaware of the complete picture. You are of course happy to take on the extra new responsibilities (as an aside, will these new responsibilities be good for your career?) BUT you want your line manager's guidance regarding priorities.

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