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Breast feeding

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Leeanne2205 Wed 07-Jan-15 13:38:48

Please can anyone offer advice I have a 4 month old who I breast feed my work say I need to do a wks training course next month 9-5 which means leaving house at 7 not getting home until 7 I express when I am at work(which is one day a week)once but this is shorter hrs so only entilted to one break, my problem is doing a course of a wk I don't wont my milk supply stopping as will not be able to express the times my baby would eat.
Explained this to work but said I am still on probation so would be termination of contract.

Rockchick1984 Wed 07-Jan-15 14:17:49

You don't need to express at the times your baby would feed to keep your supply up.

Your employer has to provide you with a private room to breastfeed in (not the toilet), you will obviously be able to express at lunch and you could request to have an unpaid break or 2 (they don't have to accomodate this), or get to work for 8.30 so you can express then, and express at 5pm before you leave as you have a long commute ahead? If it's only for a week you will be able to keep your supply up anyway, your baby will probably just feed more overnight to compensate.

NormHonal Wed 07-Jan-15 14:23:59

Speaking from experience, your supply will be ok.

I had to go away from my DC2 whilst still breastfeeding for just over 48 hours. I think I expressed 2 or 3 times for comfort, and my supply was fine on my return.

I also used to spend long days away from my DC1 at 6mo when working, expressed once in the middle of the day for comfort, and the baby took a long feed in the evening/at night instead.

What I would advise is having some of those breast cool packs handy, as you may be uncomfortable later in the day if you can't take a break to express a little.

Leeanne2205 Thu 08-Jan-15 21:45:39

Thanks very much got your advice makes me feel relieved x

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