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How to best hand my notice in?

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mindifidont Sat 27-Dec-14 08:55:20

I've been offered a new job (yay!) starting 2nd February and will have to give my current employer one months notice.

The problem is our offices are closed and we don't go back until the 5th.

I work in a manager-less office, my line manager is my director and he will come in to our office one week per month, however I never know when this week will be so handing my notice in face to face was never an option.

Can I send my director an email on the 30th with my resignation letter attached? Will it count from this date or from when he's back in the office on the 5th. (I know him and he will check his emails regularly during his holiday.)

Is it best to try to phone him before sending the email, even though we are both off?

We have quite a good relationship so I'm not sure if he would appreciate me trying to phone him rather than just sending an email or if he will get bothered by the fact that I am contacting him during his time off.

Sorry for waffling on, but any advice on how to best hand my notice in under these circumstances is greatly appreciated!

nottheOP Sat 27-Dec-14 08:59:35

Will you have any holiday to take before you go? This could bridge the gap iyswim

I'd do the email or call and follow up with the email if you have a good relationship

nottheOP Sat 27-Dec-14 09:00:30

Or can you send it to a hr department?

mindifidont Sat 27-Dec-14 09:02:13

Holiday year starts in January so will have accrued two days.

If I email and don't call, do you think it will count from the 30th or on the 5th when he will officially see it?

mindifidont Sat 27-Dec-14 09:02:52

The complete organisation is shut until the 5th and that includes hr unfortunately.

Sherborne Sat 27-Dec-14 09:05:55

Send an email, confirm your end date in the email, and offer to take a phone call at your managers convenience.

MinceSpy Sat 27-Dec-14 09:06:04

I'd email apologizing for method of communication but explaining the time issues. I'd also say you are happy to talk if he wishes to phone . Attach your resignation letter.

pinkmagic1 Sat 27-Dec-14 09:06:08

I had a similar situation with my last job and the went from the day the email was sent. I always think it is polite to speak to your immediate manager in person or if not possible over the phone first though. Good luck in your new job.

mindifidont Sat 27-Dec-14 09:09:54

Thanks for the advice, I will go with the apologetic email and offering to take a phone call.

I would definitely prefer doing this in person if I could.

mindifidont Wed 31-Dec-14 10:46:38

I've got a bit of a problem now...

I was verbally offered the job at the interview, I then had the recruitment agent phone me saying I've been offered the job and she asked if I wanted her to accept on my behalf and I said yes.

I still haven't received the contract though!

I need to hand my notice in today to be able to start 1st feb, am I safe to do this?

I can't phone the new company as they're closed until monday.

carlywurly Thu 01-Jan-15 16:37:34

I wouldn't. You really need to see a contract to make sure you're happy with all the terms and conditions before burning your bridges with your existing employer.

You might find your existing employer releases you for 1st feb (would prob be relatively straightforward for them payroll wise) or surely you will have accrued a couple of days leave which can be taken in late jan?

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